Sponsor a Student

Sponsor a Student

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I believe that kids in all communities deserve fun educational tools, and I also believe that you feel the same way. 

Sponsoring a student subscription to my four-month Classroom Pen Pal Unit is just $5.00 per student, and you can get some cool stuff for your support!

Sponsor 3 or more kiddos: You'll receive a holiday card designed by one of my pals for your gift giving this year.

Sponsor 10 or more kiddos: You'll receive a boxed set of eight assorted holiday cards.

Sponsor 24 or more kiddos: That's a full class! You'll receive a boxed set of eight assorted holiday cards and an invite to a classroom reading with Jason.

Sponsored subscriptions are donated to Title I schools and begin in January 2018.


Quantity: The quantity chosen at checkout should be the number of students that you'd like to support. If you'd like to support a full classroom, please choose 24 as your quantity.

Questions: Please email any questions to Jason. He's at