Sean's Birthday Thank You Card w/ Stamp

Sean's Birthday Thank You Card w/ Stamp

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Perfect for birthday thank you cards!

A 5x7 flat card designed with art from Sean, one of Ben the Rooster's pen pals. One yellow envelope AND one stamp per card are included.

You can purchase the card individually, or you can purchase a boxed set of 10 or 20 cards.

Shipping is free on all orders!


A Note to Make You Smile: Shipping is free!

Contents: Each card is 5x7 in size and printed on 120# accent cover paper. The envelopes are yellow 80# paper. The stamp is a $0.50 Forever stamp from USPS.

Giving Back: 50% of profits are donated to schools in the form of Ben's Letter Club, a free club providing letter-writing activities to students throughout the school year.


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