Isa's Birthday Card

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A 5.5x4.25 birthday card designed by Isa, one of Ben the Rooster's pen pals. Blank on the inside for your perfect message. One envelope per card is included.

You can purchase the card individually, or you can purchase a boxed set of 8, 12, or 16 cards.


Giving Back: 50% of profits will be used to donate subscriptions of Ben the Rooster's Pen Pal Unit to Title I classrooms. For a boxed set, this means one subscription is donated for each set sold.

Contents: Each card is 5.5x4.25 in size and printed on 120# paper. One white envelope printed on 100% cotton paper is included with each card. The front of the card has the artist's design, and the back has the artist's name (The back of Tyler's card is just an example).

Directions for Use: Receive card and envelope in the mail. It'll be really cool, so make sure your jaw doesn't hit the floor. Pick a special recipient and write a friendly note. Place card inside envelope and write special recipient's name on envelope. Deliver friendly note to special recipient. If you purchased a boxed set, repeat previous steps until you've run out of cards.

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