Custom Holiday Cards in the Class

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This fall, Ben the Rooster is working with teachers to provide a fun letter-writing activity for classrooms. Your students will exchange letters with Ben and design their own custom holiday cards that parents can order from Ben's Paper Shop. All orders will provide credits directly to your classroom, which you can use to purchase more of Ben's activities.

Here's how the holiday card activity works:

1) Ben writes to your class asking each student to design a holiday card. He'll provide postcards that students use to draw a design on the front and write a note on the back. He also provides return envelopes and postage. This is a great activity for practicing the five parts of a friendly letter and encouraging literacy, creativity, and friendship.

2) Ben receives the designs and creates a page for your class where parents see their child's design and order cards. Here's an example

3) With each set of custom holiday cards purchased, 50% of profits are donated directly to your class in the form of credits to Ben’s Paper Shop. With these credits, you can purchase other experiences and letter writing activities for your students.

To participate, just add this activity to your cart. It's free, so although you'll go through the checkout process, you will not be asked for payment before submitting the order. Please include your school's address as the shipping address, and we'll send the activity to your classroom.
If you have any questions, please email Jason: