Hey There

Hey there,

"Hey there" is a fun way to begin a note whether it's an email, birthday card, or to-do list for a loved one. It's disarming and friendly. It's impossible to read it in a gruff or angry tone. It's happy. That's why I've chosen it as the name of this blog. I want these posts to be friendly notes from the world of Ben the Rooster, and I want you to enjoy reading them.

For now, this blog does not have a set cadence or a set topic. I don't want to force those things from the beginning.

In terms of cadence, I'll try and write once per week. Maybe I'll succeed. Maybe I won't. Maybe Friday morning is a good time to do that. Maybe it will prove not so good. (Here I should make the point that I'm becoming a dad in the next two weeks, so taking on a blog may be completely silly.)

Topic is a bit easier to predict. I'll write about Ben the Rooster and some behind the scenes. I'll try to make it personal so that it's not just a boring press-release-like post. For example, maybe I'll write sentences that begin with "This week was super frustrating because..." and end with "..., which is why I cried a lot." I'll also sprinkle in some general observations about things - kids literature, socially conscious businesses, working with governments, etc., etc., etc.

One goal of this blog is to get me writing, so perhaps finding a cadence and interesting topics won't be hard. I've found that people will usually accomplish behaviors they set out to accomplish if they really want to. I also plan to keep things relatively short in order to make it easier to produce posts and also read posts.

As for ending posts, we'll always go with Ben's closing...

Have a sunny day,


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