90 Days Until NSS

Hey there,

There are 90 days until the doors to the Javits Center open for the National Stationery Show in New York City. To save you the mental exercise, the date is May 20, and the show goes through May 23.

I registered for NSS earlier this month feeling two emotions - excitement and nervousness. I guess that should be expected. NSS is one of the stationery industry's largest trade shows with buyers from all sorts of industry professionals in attendance.

I'm especially excited to meet buyers from stationery and gift shops as well as toy, party, and kid stores. Buyers come from large chain stores and small specialty stores. It'll be a ball and a great opportunity to grow Ben the Rooster's business.

I'm also nervous about meeting all of these people. It's my first trade show. I have a lot to do in preparation - booth design, order forms, inventory preparation, etc., etc., etc., thing-I-don't-know-about-yet, and thing-I-don't-know-about-and-will-be-embarrassed-not-to-have-prepared-when-I-arrive.

This morning, I buttoned up my NSS profile, which I'm sure I'll continue futzing with. One thing that will stay the same, I'm in booth #1459.

I'll continue chronicling my preparation as I dive head first into the stationery world. Stay tuned.

Have a sunny day,


P.S. The pictured postcard is from my pal Beril. You can scoop it up here.

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