Hey! I'm Ben, and I make friendship super fun!

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A Real Pen Pal

Reading, writing, and art don't have to be boring! I'm a great pen pal for kids ages 3-8 at home and in classrooms. My Pen Pal Unit uses the excitement of receiving mail to encourage literacy, creativity, and friendship. 

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It's Fun and Easy

I send two postcards each month to my pals at home and in classrooms. Each card tells a story and then prompts my pals for a reply. And replying is easy breezy because I include a pre-stamped, pre-addressed postcard with each of my mailings. 

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"Ben the Rooster is a sure winner in our home. As Lily declared, “Ben’s one of my best friends forever and I just love him!”  Anything that helps inspire the love of reading gets my vote of approval!" Read on!

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too

"After giving it a try and seeing them send letters back in forth with Ben, it has quickly become one of our new favorite activities!" Read on!

The Magnolia Mamas

"It's so nice to have something delivered to your house that is already prepped and ready for you to do a learning activity with your child. Easy peasy :)" Read on!

Polka-Dotty Place

"My students and I are LOVING Ben the Rooster!"

First Grade Teacher at Wesley International Academy, Atlanta, Georgia

"We started yesterday and they loved it!"

Kindergarten Teacher at Brooklyn Arbor School, Brooklyn, New York

"The kids were so excited. This is going to be so fun."

Kindergarten Librarian at Brewster Elementary, Durham, Connecticut

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Custom Holiday Cards

This holiday season let your little artist design the family holiday cards!

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Classroom Activities

Find fun and creative activities that make friendship fun for your students.

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Giving Back to Schools

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