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Who's on my team?

Enough about me. It's time for my best buddies to introduce themselves. We're a great team!

Jason Sosnovsky

Hey, I'm Jason! I'm Ben's editor, and it's my job to make sure that Ben's postcards tell a good story and use proper grammar - we have to set a good example for your little reader! I joined Ben because I really believe in his mission to encourage all kids to love reading. The best place that a book has taken me is a fun and colorful chocolate factory - I bet you can guess which one! My wife and I currently live in Atlanta.

Rocky Roark

Hey there, I'm Rocky. I'm Ben's illustrator pal and it's my job to create all of the beautiful postcards that arrive in your mailbox each month. I joined Ben because I love the message that he carries, and I love to create things that bring a smile and delight to people's faces. The best place that a book has ever taken me has been to a magical castle in a wizarding world. I live in San Diego with my fiancé, mother and two fun loving dogs.