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Families Love My Postcards

"I love that getting these postcards helps Simon practice both reading and writing! Plus, he enjoys drawing!"

- Dara, Not In Jersey

"There’s no doubt that Lily loves her pen pal, but as a parent, I love him, too!"

"I absolutely love the idea of having a pen pal that allows Savanna to practice writing and drawing. It makes learning so much more fun!"

- Meghan, Home with Savi

How My Cards Work

The Plan
The subscription is a twelve-month plan and begins with a special package.
Receive My Cards
I send two postcards each month. I mail them on the first and the sixteenth.
Send a Reply
Have your little reader reply. I provide a pre-stamped reply postcard each time.

Here's an Example of My Postcards

And Here's a Reply That I Received


I'm excited to join your curriculum!